Friday, May 18, 2012

One Hand Washes The Other Review

I, Rebecca, will be reviewing things, from time to time, that are not dog-related.
I happen to LOVE smell-good things.  Perfume oils, lotions, etc.  Some girly things that I am very fond of.  I am a huge supporter of indie companies of most kinds, especially when it comes to the things listed above.
I have more perfume oils on my dresser and in my bathroom than most people could wrap their heads around.  But it's my vice.

So, after I was introduced to an indie company called One Hand Washes the Other, I was excited to place my order.  I tend to start out with small orders with new companies, just so I can get an idea for the basics of what they offer.  I placed a small order with  Then once I fell in love with the scents I ordered, I placed a larger order.

Let me just get to this, the big order, the important stuff!
While I order perfume oils with ease, usually, I am more picky about things I put on my face.  I am a red head with sensitive skin.  I have had sensitive skin my entire life.  But I kept reading about this soap that OHWTO offers called "Black Magic".  I was real hesitant to order it at first because my face tends to freak out easily.  But I simply had to!  I had to order because people were simply swearing by this soap.  I started out ordering just a small bar of it.
Last Saturday, my larger order arrived.


ALLLL those smell-goods!  From solid sticks (in lip balm tubes!), to bottles and sample containers!

Everything smells delicious!
As you can see, my Black Magic bar was beautifully wrapped in a bag and tied off with a red ribbon and an adorable white skull ribbon.  GORGEOUS packaging.

Let's start off with the soap itself which smells of tasty, clean lemon.
I was anxious, but excited to use Black Magic, and putting off my hesitation, I gave it a-go.  It tingles in a good clean way, and makes my skin feel sooo fresh!
Here is my current, well-used and loved bar of Black Magic:

The bar comes with artwork!!!
That little bar is not going to last me long, and my face has fallen in love with Black Magic, so I placed another order for ALLL the Black Magic Things.
Check out Black Magic here.
Via that link, you can checkout the various forms of Black Magic.  I ordered, I believe, at least one of each form.  I ordered a body-safe unscented bar that I can use on the rest of my body.
Let me just say: I had acne as a teenager and young adult.  As previously stated, my face freaks out EASILY to this day.  I no longer suffer from acne, but I still get the occasional loner pimple or two, and when I do, they stick around FOREVER.  I have had this pimple that comes and goes, under my chin, for MONTHS now.  But, within 1-2 days of washing with Black Magic, that pimple is FINALLY leaving.  YAY!  The rest of my face feels soft and looks smooth. I cannot say enough fabulous things about Black Magic.

I started this post as a draft, and oh my! I have been sooo busy the past month that I am just now able to get back to it.  Plus, I wanted to wait for my latest order to arrive so that I could blog ALL THE THINGS.

I wanted to review each scent I had received from One Hand Washes the Other. But in all honesty: I have yet to be disappointed with ANY of the scents I've received from OHWTO.  There are some that I may not wear everyday, or even every week (but as if that is saying much since I probably have over 50 perfume oils), but I appreciate ALL of the scents I've got.
My faves are:
*I Smell Like a Witch (and you will.  Like a rosey, bubbling GOOD witch.  Check out the story behind I Smell Like a Witch)

*Pretty Undead (If the Walking Dead Smelled good, it'd smell like this, seriously)

*1605 (muskets, gunfire, sweet tobacco, and love make this blend AMAZING)

*Frankincense & Mirth (my catholic church smell.  I LOVE IT)

*Carnivale (cotton candy and lemon. If you've never been to a circus or carnival, at least you can smell like one!)

*Maura Mae (this is only offered on her etsy site, I believe, but it's probably my favorite. Maybe)

*Dirty (fresh grass and earth.  This is a very earthy smell on me.  So unique and sexy)

*Toxid Lotus (flowers and awesomeness! YES. Just like the lovely lady it was named after)

*Veritas (Oh LAWDY.  Sean Patrick Flanery.  Dirty Catholicism that is not dangerous, but it's definitely NOT safe catholicism either.)

Here is a photo of most of my perfume oils and solids from OHWTO.

And I received my other order of Black Magic today.  I am all stocked up on Black Magic, Unscented Black Magic (for my body), Black Magic in a Jar, Black Magic Exfoliating Scrub, and Black Magic Break Away Bar.

But not only are Becca's products fantastic, so is her customer service.  She is great to communicate with; promptly answering questions and emails in a timely fashion.  I will definitely be a customer for life.  My only regret is that she doesn't sell time machines so I could go back to my teenage years and purchase Black Magic back then.  It would have seriously helped my skin.

So, go, now, to and look at all the things and buy all (or some) of the things!!


  1. YESSS! YOU LOVE ME! Also I want all your soap and smellies.

  2. YAY!!! Awesome smellies are awesome. So is Black Magic. In all its incarnations.